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5 core intelligent digital noise reduction HD pickup

  • 5核智能数字降噪高清拾音器
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  • Publication date: 11/22/2018
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5核高清数字智能降噪拾音器 ,是我司专为审讯室、探访室、谈话室、接访室、评标室,教育录播室、视频会议室等极重要需收音录音的环境而设计,适用行业有:公安、检察、纪委、法院、监狱、军队、海关、轨道交通、机场等。 5- core high-definition digital intelligent noise reduction pickup , which is designed by our company for interrogation rooms, interview rooms, talk rooms, interview rooms, bid evaluation rooms, education recording and broadcasting rooms, video conference rooms, etc. Applicable industries are: public security, prosecution, disciplinary commissions, courts, prisons, military, customs, rail transit, airports, etc.

内置 5 核高速数字信号处理器,自适应动态降噪处理技术,多层电路设计,内置降噪功能,无需增加外部降噪设备。 Built-in 5- core high-speed digital signal processor, adaptive dynamic noise reduction processing technology, multilayer circuit design, built-in noise reduction function, no need to add external noise reduction equipment.

AGC 高保真纯数字降噪处理,能使声音捕捉全面,信号输出洁净清晰,无“吱吱吱”电子噪声。 AGC high-fidelity pure digital noise reduction processing, can make the sound capture comprehensive, the signal output is clean and clear, no "squeak" electronic noise.

内置防啸叫陷波处理,抗回声、抗啸叫电路设计,让产品始终温温尔雅,稳如磐石。 Built-in anti-howling notch processing, anti-echo, anti-howling circuit design, so that the product is always gentle and stable, as stable as a rock.

防干扰电路设计,于复杂环境中表现与众不同,亦能稳定清晰传递现场声音。 Anti-interference circuit design, which stands out from the crowd in a complex environment. It can also transmit live sound stably and clearly.

采用高灵敏度全指向性电容咪头,全向拾音、声音还原度高。 Using high-sensitivity omnidirectional condenser microphone, omnidirectional pickup and high sound reduction.

DSP 动态处理,精准做到环境有声源时“喧哗你的喧哗”,无声源时“安静你的安静”。 DSP dynamic processing, accurately "noisy your noise" when there is a sound source in the environment, "quiet your quietness" when there is no sound source.

内置智能降噪分析纯数字电路,人声效果敏感。 Built-in intelligent digital circuit for noise reduction analysis and sensitive human voice effect.

音频源数字加工处理技术,有效隔离电子噪音。 Digital processing technology of audio source, effectively isolate electronic noise. When the monitoring sensitivity is amplified, the noise will not be amplified linearly with it, thereby doubling the effective monitoring area.

低功耗宽电压工作电路设计( DC 9-14V ),可与前端摄像机, POE 等设备轻松搭配。 Low-power wide-voltage working circuit design ( DC 9-14V ), which can be easily matched with front-end cameras, POE and other equipment. High compatibility and integration.

圆盘型外观,表面光波工艺处理,时尚美观,尽显高档。 Disc-shaped appearance, surface light wave process, stylish and beautiful, showing high-grade. Double-layer metal paint mesh cover design, durable and will never fade or paint.

滑块结构的挂榫式设计,安装简便,平置桌面或吸顶、侧墙安装均得心应手。 Hanging type design of the slider structure, easy to install, flat desktop or ceiling, side wall installation are handy.

内置防雷、电源过载保护,电源极性反接保护,静电保护。 Built-in lightning protection, power supply overload protection, power polarity reverse connection protection, electrostatic protection. Safety and reliability have been greatly improved.

高品质屏蔽三芯音频引线,粘锡线头处理,有效稳定接触及传输性能。 High-quality shielded three-core audio leads, tin-tipped handle, effective and stable contact and transmission performance.

产品通过 EC ROHS 、质检报告等相关认证。 ★ The product has passed the relevant certifications such as EC , ROHS , quality inspection report.


OP-H09 ([H5] [G3])

Number of audio processors

5 cores

Pickup area

平方米 ( 可调 ) 10-85 square meters ( adjustable )

Audio transmission distance

3000 meters

Frequency response

20KHz(90dB 声压、 A 加权 ) 20Hz to 20KHz (90dB sound pressure, A- weighted )


-28dB (10.0 mV e 1V at 1 Pa)

Signal to noise ratio

40dB 音源 ) 50dB(10 40dB 音源 ) 1KHz at 1Pa 110dB ( 1m 40dB source ) 50dB ( 10m 40dB source ) 1KHz at 1Pa

Directional characteristics


Dynamic Range

104dB (1KHz at Max dB SPL)

Level input noise

声压 (A 加权 ) 2.5Vpp / 10dB sound pressure (A- weighted )

Maximum gain


Maximum sound pressure

At 120dB SPL, THD <1% At 125dB SPL, THD = <10%

Drive capability

Built-in preamplifier circuit can directly drive headphones

Maximum sound output

声压 (A 加权 ) 2.5Vpp / 80dB sound pressure (A- weighted )

Output signal amplitude

声压 (A 加权 ) 2.5Vpp / 100dB sound pressure (A- weighted )

Output impedance

欧姆非平衡 600 ohms unbalanced


高级互补增强数字电容麦克风 KaBoni Advanced Complementary Enhanced Digital Condenser Microphone

Number of microphones

Single microphone

Signal processing circuit

自动增益控制, DSP 及多级动态降噪处理 AGC automatic gain control, DSP and multi-level dynamic noise reduction processing

protect the circuit

ESD 防护 Lightning protection, reverse polarity protection, ESD protection

Connection method

3 芯音频引线(电源、音频、公共地) Shielded 3- core audio leads (power, audio, common ground)

Transmission cable

( 电磁复杂环境请用屏蔽电缆 ) Telephone line, network twisted pair, shielded cable ( please use shielded cable for complex electromagnetic environment )


DC9V 14V DC voltage regulator DC9V 14V

Working current


Electromagnetic compatibility

GB 9254-2008 Comply with GB 9254-2008

Reliability index

80000 小时 MTBF 80000 hours

Ambient temperature

50 -10 50



shell material

PVC+ 双层金属烤漆合金网罩 Advanced resin PVC + double-layer metal paint alloy mesh cover


Φ80mm * 25mm (height)


125 g

Standards compliant

CE ROHS Test report, CE , ROHS


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